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King of Hearts or Event Recorder

A King of Hearts or Event Recorder may be prescribed if you have symptoms of palpitations, or symptoms that suggest an irregularity of your heart beat, and these symptoms occur less than daily. You will keep the monitor for 2 weeks or possibly longer. 

This device is the size of a pager you can wear on your belt or around your neck.  Two electrodes are applied to your chest and connected to the recorder.  When you have symptoms you will push a button to save a recording of the ECG strip.  You may record up to 5 symptom events and then call our office Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 4:00 PM to send the recording over the phone (585 338-3929). 

Your Doctor will review the ECG strips within 24 hours. You can unhook the electrodes on your chest to shower or swim, then reapply the device once you are ready.  You may or may not wear this recorder to bed depending on when your symptoms occur.

The King of Hearts monitoring device may be available at the time you see your doctor, but sometimes there may be a waiting period of 1-2 weeks.  The cost of using these devices depends on the type of insurance you have.  You may need to pay a one-time co-pay but you do not have to pay each time you call in a ECG recording.

Heart Card

A heart card is a credit card size monitor used, similar to the King of Hearts, if your symptoms occur less than daily.  You will keep the monitor for 2 weeks unless prescribed longer by your Doctor.  With this device you simply hold the card firmly to your chest, press record button and hold the device in place for 30 seconds when you experience symptoms. 

Once you have recorded you can call our office Monday-Friday 8:30AM to 4:00 PM to transmit the recording over the phone.  Your Doctor will see the ECG within 24 hours.

There are several monitoring devices to assist with diagnosing a heart rhythm problem (arrhythmia).   Your doctor will decide which is best for the frequency and type of your specific symptoms.  Like the Kind of Hearts, the heart card is sometimes available at the time you see your doctor, but there may be a waiting period of 1-2 weeks. 

If there is any additional information you would like, please do not hesitate to call us at (585) 338-2700.  
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